Step Forward into a New Position of Prominence

Over two full days and more than 20 sessions, 400+ sourcing and procurement leaders will converge in order to bring their knowledge, team capabilities, and business impact to unrivaled levels. Still not convinced?

Here are a few reasons why you won’t want to miss it.

SPARK2019 Why Attend Infographic

Lead the Sourcing Team with a New Tempo


Discover strategic frameworks, best-in-class benchmarks, and tips and tricks around leading your team with a new tempo. You’ll find compelling cases for balancing continuity while driving change; strategically shifting from admin to advisor, from data clerk to dynamic negotiator, and from single silo to central collaborator.


Become the Center of the Business

By building new core competencies across teams, sourcing can grow alongside the business, and sit smack dab in the center of it all. Sourcing, Center Stage is first and foremost a showcase for envelope-pushing leaders who are transforming the way they work.


Make Global Commerce Faster, Less Risky, and More Transparent

If you’ve been wondering how to tackle advancements--realistically and successfully-- across process and automation, cost management, skill development, data awareness, and supplier engagement, look no further than SPARK 2019: Sourcing, Center Stage.


Emerge from “Behind the Scenes”. Take Center Stage at SPARK 2019

Sourcing leaders, it’s certainly your call time; so step forward, level up the function you know best, and embrace the applause.



Now Convince Your Boss

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