FEBRUARY 27, 2018 | 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM | the pearl


Please join us for breakfast on the main level.


  • Andrew Durlak - VP of Operations, Scout RFP


Sourcing is perfectly positioned to drive enterprise-wide impact — and now, with the right technology at their fingertips, the time has come for sourcing teams everywhere to fulfill their destiny. Alex Yakubovich and Stan Garber, CEO and President of Scout RFP, outline how sourcing has evolved over the years, the future of the function, and how the right solution helps sourcing go beyond savings to embrace its truly strategic potential. Hear from two sourcing innovators who live and breathe the “make an impact” mentality — Neil Aronson, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing at UBER, and Greg Tennyson, CPO at VSP Global — and find out how their vision drives enterprise-wide outcomes.

9:25 AM | The Power of Product: How Innovation Behind the Scenes Drives a Seamless Customer Experience

Simple. Smart. Streamlined. That’s the Scout promise — and it is innovation behind the scenes that empowers sourcing professionals all over the world. Chris Crane, Scout RFP’s VP of Product, shares what the team has been cooking up this year to continue to deliver on these sourcing promises. Learn about our exciting new product release and find out what it means for you and your team. Mark Zafra, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing at Twitter, joins for a Q&A session around sourcing pains and solutions.

  • Chris Crane - VP of Product, Scout RFP
  • Mark Zafra - Global Head of Sourcing, Twitter

10:00 AM | Refreshment break

10:20 AM | The Intersection of Technology and Culture: easyJet’s Value Formula for Strategic Sourcing

As Europe’s leading airline, easyJet has operated with a vision of creating a customer focused brand that would revolutionize the concept of air travel. Guided by core company values, easyJet has delivered on finding innovative ways to help keep costs down while maintaining the highest standards of service. And the procurement function is no exception. Aligned by company values, Patrick O’Donnell and Phil Keys embarked on a top-level initiative to simplify easyJet’s all-consuming RFP, which included identifying and implementing a tool to streamline the process. Attend this session and see how easyJet’s sourcing team have aligned culture and technology to show their value far beyond savings.

  • Patrick O' Donnell - Sourcing Manager, easyJet
  • Phil Keys - Sourcing Manager, easyJet

10:45 AM | Airbnb’s Secret to Scaling Procurement in Innovative or Fast Moving Environments

In the face of the changing workplace, Airbnb’s Head of Global Procurement has built a state-of-the-art procurement process, putting the business at the center of the sourcing activity. Instead of sticking to historic best practices, Matthew Ziskie and his team have embraced ongoing change as a point of leverage for their own transformation. As a result, they’ve been able to reshape their own narrative and position procurement as an enablement function that is aligned with the top goals of the company. Attend this session and get prepared to be inspired by Matthew’s proven methods which have enabled Airbnb’s procurement function to scale in one of the world’s most innovative environments.

  • Matthew Ziskie - Head of Global Procurement, Airbnb

11:15 AM | Sourcing, Reimagined: Smucker's Sourcing Revolution

On the surface, sourcing’s impact may appear one-dimensional; measurements of success revolve solely around savings earned. Dig deeper and you’ll discover the multi-faceted ways in which sourcing maximizes value, spearheads innovation, and drives compliance. That’s exactly what Jason Barr, Director of Indirect Purchasing ignited at The J.M Smucker Company, an organization that has been committed to offering consumers quality products for 120 years. In order to transform the organization’s sourcing from a transactional function to a strategic one, Jason sought to put a tool in place to drive more efficient processes, enforce policy, and earn better leverage with business stakeholders. Attend this session and walk away with inspiration and the tools to spark your own sourcing revolution; uncover the keys to success that enabled Jason to drive value well beyond savings earned.

  • Nelson Geter - Sr. Category Manager Indirect Purchasing, The J.M. Smucker Company

11:45 AM | Architecting Collaboration: How Owens Corning Built a Global Sourcing Powerhouse

The value for sourcing doesn’t just start and stop with an RFP; it directly touches long-term profitability goals and brings superior value to customers. As a global Fortune 500 company, Owens Corning aims to deliver greater impact through sustainable processes across its 90 manufacturing facilities and offices worldwide. In bringing this mission to the forefront, Owens Corning set out to streamline its sourcing processes and elevate its function to a strategic position within the organization. With a team of over 70 global sourcing professionals plus 200+ sourcing professionals at our plants, the company was running at full capacity using resource-intensive processes to manage its direct and indirect spend. Owens Corning embarked on a journey to streamline sourcing processes and enhance professionalisn In this collaborative conversation, Gregg will share his proven keys to success and inspire you to build your own global sourcing powerhouse.

  • Gregg Focht - Global Indirect Sourcing Operations Leader, Owens Corning
  • Moderated by: Michaela Dempsey - Senior Director of Marketing, Scout RFP

12:30 PM | Networking lunch

Make connections over a delectable lunch on the mezzanine and rooftop.

1:40 PM | KEYNOTE: Communication and the Art of Persuasion

As a leader, you spend every day communicating with others— your boss, your direct reports, your peers. This session will help you appreciate the nature and complexity of communication and provide guidelines for improving your own communication style. We focus on four notable communication gaps for managers and provide guidelines for closing these gaps. Drawing on several illustrative examples from leaders at other firms, we outline a specific set of concrete tools you can use to change people's attitudes as well as their actions.

  • Francis Flynn - Paul E. Holden Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business

3:00 PM | A to Z Sourcing Excellence: Insights from Adobe, Laureate, SunPower and Zebra

No matter the industry, profitable organizations share a vital, albeit obvious thread: cost savings as a direct bottom-line driver. Less obvious, yet equally if not more important, are the innovative people behind the steering wheel: procurement and sourcing experts who take a historically transactional practice and make it something more strategic--and impactful. In a meeting of the minds, A to Z Sourcing Excellence brings together the best and brightest from Adobe, Laureate, SunPower, and Zebra Technology to share their tools of the trade. Through their stories, see how the power of managing business partner needs, communicating value, and collaborating with suppliers has led to millions saved--and accolades earned.

  • Antonio Humphreys - Senior Manager, Global Procure to Pay, Adobe
  • Randy J. Estep - Executive Director, Global IT Procurement, Laureate Education
  • David Hearne - Director Global Procurement, SunPower Corporation
  • Ammar Al-Rifai - Senior Manager, Global Indirect Procurement Systems, Zebra Technologies
  • Moderated by: Jimmy LeFever, Director, Research and Consulting, PayStream Advisors

3:40 PM | Refreshment break

4:00 PM | Meeting of the Minds: How a Professional Group Took Enterprise Sourcing to the Next Level with Beam Suntory, MDC Partners and Splunk

Sparking an impactful movement requires a few innovative individuals to take the first step. That’s why a handful of trailblazers from major cities decided to build a professional network of strategic sourcing & procurement leaders dedicated to elevating the profession through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Attend this session and meet the founding members responsible for starting something special in sourcing. You’ll hear the best practices and challenges discussed throughout the events, including: setting ambitious goals and driving innovation, building a business case that earns value beyond savings, getting stakeholders involved to provide visibility into every step of the process, and much more.

  • Jason Cammorata - Founder of NYC Sourcing Leaders and Director of Strategic Sourcing at MDC Partners
  • Brian Golden - Founder of Chicago Sourcing Leaders and Director of Global Procurement at Beam Suntory
  • Rendi Miller - Founder of Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders and Director Travel and Procurement at Splunk
  • Moderated by: Allison Yount - Director of Customer Success, Scout RFP

4:30 PM | Townhall: Question and Answer

  • Alex Yakubovich - CEO, Scout RFP
  • Stan Garber - President, Scout RFP
  • Andrew Durlak - VP of Operations, Scout RFP
  • Chris Crane - VP of Product, Scout RFP

5:00 PM | Closing Remarks

  • Andrew Durlak - VP of Operations, Scout RFP

5:05 PM- 8:00 PM | Rooftop Networking Party

Join us for a rooftop fête featuring drinks, bites, and beautiful views of the Bay.


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