Day 2 | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

8:00 AM | Registration and Breakfast: What BBB (Bougie Boozy Brunch) Dreams are Made of

You know how the adage goes: the early bird gets the... bacon. For SPARK day two, don’t miss an energizing--dare we say “bougie”--brunch spread to aid your recovery from the Havana Social Club: waffles, breakfast tacos, complete with bloody marys and mimosas, and more. Join us for some hearty fare and start day two on a high note.

9:00 AM | Guiding Scout: One Single Source of Truth for Sourcing

High adoption. Rapid time-to-value. Enjoyable experience. That’s the Scout way -- and this empowers Sourcing teams, business stakeholders, and suppliers to transform the way they work together. Scout’s co-founders will take the stage to unveil new innovations for customers and define what this means for the future of Sourcing and Procurement.


Chris Crane, VP of Product at Scout

Sandra Tedt, Product Manager at Scout

9:45 AM | Negotiation and Optimization Deep Dive with McKinsey

Historically, sourcing optimization meant laying out the right rules and combing through 28,677 lines of code in order to run a scenario for one single event. This isn’t efficient nor useful for informing negotiation--the most powerful lever that sourcing can pull. After many conversations with our customers (and many late nights), we set out to build something with the user in mind. How do usability and adoption translate to powerful negotiation and faster decision making? Join us for this innovative product reveal, as Chris Crane, Head of Product at Scout RFP and Jason Waller, solutions manager at McKinsey, walk you through the live demo in action. (Mathematics Ph.D. not required, we promise.)


Chris Crane, VP of Product at Scout

Jason Waller, Solution Manager at McKinsey

10:30 AM | Break

An abundance of refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Location: 1st and 2nd Floor Lobbies

10:45 AM | Track One: Sourcing Transformation | Miner Auditorium | Sessions with Zendesk, SDMR Advisory Services, VMware, Zappos, Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders and Adobe

10:45 AM | Confidence, Talent, & Impact: Making A Procurement Leader with Zendesk, SDMR Advisory Services and VMWare
Bay Area procurement leaders share why companies today must be mindful of unspoken perceptions that can constrain opportunities across the business, both financially and career-wise. Learn how these sourcing leaders tackle these challenges on a daily basis and share what it takes to lead high-growth procurement organizations. Find out how they manage company goals, talent, team satisfaction, and even misguided assumptions.

Join this SPARK session and hear inspiring leaders share the unlimited potential, rewards and impact they have had working in procurement.


Rendi Miller, VP, Corporate Services & Source-to-Pay at Zendesk

Jeri Sessler, Consultant at SDMR Advisory Services

Anagha Kale, Senior Director, Global Strategic Sourcing at VMware

11:40 AM | Stay Agile and Competitive with Supplier Diversity
Join this this session and hear from Nimfa Delos Santos, Manager of Travel and Purchasing at Zappos, Linda Chuan, co-founder of Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders, and Kathleen Wong, Program Manager, Supplier Corporate Responsibility at Adobe, on how their innovative companies have improved business performance with a focused approach to supplier diversity.

In this SPARK session you will learn how to:

  • Uncover the six key areas where the majority of benefits can be found

  • Find ways to increase your impact and revenue, without having to grow headcount

  • Get support of the executive leadership and implement change.


Nimfa Delos Santos, Manager of Travel and Purchasing at Zappos

Linda Chuan, Co-founder of the Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders

Kathleen Wong, Program Manager, Supplier Corporate Responsibility at Adobe

10:45 AM | Track Two: Impact | Joe Henderson Lab | Session with Sleep Number and MDC Partners

10:45 AM | Make an Impact, Inspire Your Business Partners and Get to a New Level!
The success of every deal depends on collaboration across all parties. How can Sourcing inspire their business partners? In this session, you’ll learn from real experiences in the field -- successes, challenges, and everything in between. Join Jason Cammorata, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing at MDC Partners to understand how he and his team have reached a new level of success with their business partners.

Speaker: Jason Cammorata, VP of Strategic Sourcing at MDC Partners

11:40 AM | Changing the Rules with Sleep Number: SaaS Negotiation Success Framework
While the act of negotiation isn’t easy, the success of every deal depends on it. How can sourcing ensure the value and risk requirements, without resorting to hard bargaining? In this session, you’ll learn from real stories and real experiences in the field -- successes, shortcomings, and even surprises. Expand your skills and test out a new, collaborative, problem-solving approach in the new world of indirect sourcing negotiation.

Speaker: CJ Anderson-Johnson, Indirect Sourcing Team Manager at Sleep Number

10:45 AM | Track Three: Scout Product Deep Dives | B-Side | Sessions with Biogen

10:45 AM | Product Deep Dive with Biogen: Getting the Most out of Scout Reports

Data is everywhere, but what sets Scout customers apart is that they know what to do with it. Through Scout Reports, you can unlock the ability to understand, inform, and support your recommendations to the business with defensible data and produce a hard-hitting impact to the bottom line. And you’ll help your team become more data-aware in the process.

Join this training session hosted by Scout’s Customer Success team and Biogen as they talk through real-life customer examples and see first-hand how you and your team can use Scout Reports to gain more visibility into your team’s dynamics through fast, flexible reporting and analysis.

Speaker: Liz Knapp, Senior Analyst II at Biogen

11:40 AM | Product Deep Dive: Build Lasting Value with Supplier Performance Management
Supply chain transparency is universally poor, with 65% of procurement leaders reporting limited or no visibility beyond their Tier 1 suppliers. But equipped with Supplier Performance Management, Scout customers can access a full view of supplier risk and performance, making it easy to measure and track supplier engagement over time.

In this deep dive, you’ll get hands-on experience with Scout Supplier Performance Management and hear from Scout customers about their Supplier Performance Management programs. You’ll take home new skills and approaches to help measure, monitor, and improve your supplier engagement.


Emily Jedinak, Customer Success Manager at Scout

12:30 PM | Lunch

Off the Grid is bringing their iconic Bay Area Food Truck experience to serve up delicious food and cultural experiences that best represent the melting pot that San Francisco is! Trucks will be ready to serve you right outside of SFJAZZ.

Location: Fell Street and Franklin Street

1:30 PM | The Future of Procurement Technology with Hugo Evans of A.T. Kearney

Successful procurement technology has one job, a north star: to provide a robust yet easy-to- use system for transforming needed goods and services into value for a company so that it can excel at its own business. According to Hugo Evans, Vice President at A.T. Kearney, we are at an inflection point, largely driven by the emergence of more flexible, user-friendly procurement technologies.

In this SPARK session you will learn key insights from Hugo's published research:

  • Big suites end up woefully underutilized

  • Legacy systems curtail progress and hinder excellence

  • New technologies enable the easy and seamless exchange of information

  • Three options for embracing change and escaping backward-looking mode

Speaker: Hugo Evans, VP at A.T. Kearney

2:40 PM | SPARK Town Hall

Bring your innovative thinking caps and join the Scout founders onstage for a lively Q&A on the topics that matter to you and your team. How can we make your Sourcing lives easier? Nothing is off limits; ask us about the future of technology, Scout’s product roadmap, or use cases that deliver the most value. Scout’s team is committed to making enterprise commerce faster, safer, and more transparent, and we can’t do that without an open dialogue with all of you.


Stan Garber, President at Scout

Alex Yakubovich, CEO at Scout

Chris Crane, Co-Founder & VP of Product at Scout

Andrew Durlak, Co-Founder & VP of Operations at Scout

3:00 PM-4:30 PM | Roundtable Learnings with Scout and McKinsey: Why Dynamic Negotiation is Transformative

Let’s talk Best Practice with regard to working with suppliers during the negotiation process. Join Jason Waller of McKinsey, and Sandra Tedt of Scout as they share lesson learned on sourcing optimization, dynamic negotiation, and how to unlock the value of supplier relationships. We encourage you to bring your tips and questions to this insightful discussion.


Jason Waller, Solution Manager at McKinsey

Sandra Tedt, Senior Product Manager at Scout

3:00 PM-4:30 PM | SPARK Open House | 2nd Floor Lobby

Close out SPARK on your terms, explore SFJAZZ, get hands-on with Scout and our partners’ technology, and meet the entire Scout team in this open session. Roundtables for specific topics will be available, or start your own conversation.